we live on the same planet but all of us have such different lives. i wonder what it’s like to not be so tied down by the flaws we personally experience (swap flaws, swap strengths, swap entirety, so a transfer of consciousness, without ever realising there was a transfer… i.e. if my consciousness ended up elsewhere so i wasn’t me now). like if i had ended up as someone famous, a genius, so wealthy that i wouldn’t feel so pressurized by academic expectations, etc. or if i’d been born in a different time period, to difficult circumstances, into a brothel, or part of a mafia family. life is rly such a throw of a dice (facticity), and it sucks cus it rly does largely contribute to determining the quality of existence we experience. some of us are blessed to have been born into stability for instance, others poverty. existence is so stupidly unfair. and yes, we create our own meaning, but that doesn’t nullify the injustice inherent in our starting points.

angelina jolie said something a few years back that still remains with me today and i literally just searched the exact quote up to share it:

I don’t understand why I have this life and a woman across the world who has the same work ethic, same desires, and would make better films, is stuck in a refugee camp. She has no voice. She worries about what her children would eat, how to keep them safe and if they can return home. I don’t know why this is my life and that is hers. I don’t understand.

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