be yourself no not like that be yourself but if your self doesn’t fit the mold we cannot change the mold so we will instead demand a new you it’s simpler that way to press you down stretch you out run you thin harden and soften watch you crack

express yourself no not like that express yourself but within this box we will not buy a bigger box a round box a triangular box a möbius strip polydimensional construct only a square box rectangular if you’re lucky you must fit into the box express yourself but stay in the box take even the lid off and we will shove you back in there are no holes you can’t breathe we don’t care if you suffocate why are you declaring your love we don’t want to see that you’re happy stop shoving it in our faces today was terrible for us must you really gloat now why are you announcing your misery it is pathetic unnatural for you to crave attention to crave love to crave care concern get away from us how obnoxious of you to let it be known how you feel to celebrate your triumphs wallow in your losses honestly it’s as if you’re out to get us we made the effort to read every single one of your posts and now we are pissed that you are rubbing it in our faces

reveal yourself no not like that we don’t want to see you naked you are weak you are soft we poke our fingertips leave a dent an imprint how vile how repugnant how unforgivable that you may strip yourself bare stand before us vulnerable skin-sheath nude reveal to us the most intimate part of your being how dare you you are mush you are emotional you are human we cannot believe it we cannot stand it

stay true to yourself no not like that if your thoughts are simple strive for metaphors paint yourself out with colour purple gold nobility if your thoughts are well-considered don’t bother writing them out they are pretentious your thoughts are pretentious stay true to yourself but don’t be superficial or pretentious even if your thoughts align as such don’t be a sweetheart it’s gross you’re so sugary we mean it’s not actually harming anyone but we find it annoying it must be fake no it is up to us to impose our verdicts on you what do you mean that’s who you really are it doesn’t matter if that’s who you really are you must stay true to yourself while concealing yourself


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