my sweet, dear babies (you, yes, you):

i love you so, so dearly, so please please please talk to me if you ever feel a need to talk to someone and want to have a conversation, regardless of how justified or unjustified you perceive this desire to be… talk to me if you feel like shit, talk to me if you feel good but felt like shit yesterday, talk to me if you don’t even know if you’re feeling good or like shit or empty or indifferent or a whole catastrophe of everything.

doesn’t matter if you open up to me or not — i don’t expect you to, but leave a hint i’ll hopefully be able to pick up on if it’s a cry for help, however tentative this cry might be (because i understand the internal conflict of wanting yet simultaneously and more overwhelming not wanting external help), just go for it, let yourself be minutely vulnerable, i want to help you even if you don’t want help or don’t know if you want or need it.

contact details:
telegram: @facticity @pikadette
instagram: @1.43am (instadm!!)

i love u!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i don’t even have the words for it.

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